Know what your finance manager presents to you. This programme empowers non-financial managers with the essentials of finance and accounting.

For: Non-financial managers who make or contribute to decisions with significant financial implications

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 17 Jul - 21 Jul 2017  | 06 Nov - 10 Nov 2017  | 16 Apr - 20 Apr 2018

Conducted at the world’s most advanced Investment Management & Trading Lab, this training programme provides you with in-depth knowledge of advanced methodologies and models used in the asset management industry.

For: Investment professionals and research analysts

Duration: 7 Days

Developed by Chicago Booth and NUS, this programme for senior finance leaders in Asia deep dives into risk management strategy, financial fragility, financing and investor relations.

For: Senior finance executives whose goals are to become strategic financial leaders and CFOs

Duration: 5 days

Upcoming Runs: 30 Oct - 03 Nov 2017

Learn to navigate the toughest challenges with confidence. Explore key management concepts in strategy, innovation, marketing, finance and operations.

For: Senior leaders in general management or top functional roles

Duration: 10 Days

Upcoming Runs: 05 Mar - 16 Mar 2018

Make a smooth transition into general management. This programme addresses functional areas such as corporate strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting and operations.

For: Functional leaders or managers making the transition into general management roles

Duration: 10 Days

Upcoming Runs: 24 Jul - 04 Aug 2017  | 27 Nov - 08 Dec 2017  | 12 Mar - 23 Mar 2018  | 28 May - 08 Jun 2018

Developed by the Indian School of Business and NUS Business School, this programme helps senior leaders become adept at managing across business functions and managerial decision-making. NEW PROGRAMME

For: Leaders who head business functions and are aspiring to become strategic business unit heads

Duration: 10 days split into two 5-day segments

Get the best of East and West in this programme by Stanford University and NUS. Network with top leaders and deepen your knowledge of global and Asian business. 37TH INTAKE

For: Senior leaders responsible for driving business internationally and in the Pacific Rim

Duration: 13 Days

Upcoming Runs: 12 Aug - 26 Aug 2017

Get ready to lead through innovation. Are you leveraging new business models, and ready to disrupt industries and expand your markets? Rediscover and respond to the opportunities and challenges of strategic innovation.

For: Leaders, senior managers and functional heads with responsibilities for developing, or driving, or leading strategic innovations in their organisations.

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 23 Oct - 27 Oct 2017

Be prepared to lead change. Learn strategies used by leaders to influence stakeholders, engage employees and drive transformational change.

For: Upper-middle to senior managers who are currently leading or preparing for transformational change initiatives

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 20 Nov - 24 Nov 2017

Build a data-driven organisation culture. Gain insights on big data applications and learn to leverage them for better decisions.

For: Leaders and senior managers interested in building analytics capabilities to drive change

Duration: 5 days

Upcoming Runs: 14 Aug - 18 Aug 2017

Deliver on M&A value. Understand the underlying issues and ingredients needed for M&A success.

For: Leaders and senior executives involved in identifying, planning and/or executing M&A

Duration: 4 Days + Optional Finance & Accounting Refresher (1 Day)

Upcoming Runs: 09 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Learn to negotiate in different contexts and cultures. Sharpen your skills through simulation practices.

For: Leaders who need to negotiate with, lead or influence others in their work

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 21 May - 25 May 2018

Gain new perspectives on financial leadership through the lens of global business leaders and policymakers. This programme features a curriculum that strengthens thought leadership and professional competencies.

For: Members of top management in financial institutions identified as future leaders of their organisations

Duration: 16 days split into 5 segments over 10 months

Upcoming Runs: 08 May - 12 May 2017

Refine your personal leadership style and learn to bring out the best in your team. Through small group coaching, learn how you are perceived by others and establish a personal development plan.

For: Recently promoted, first-time people managers

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 24 Apr - 28 Apr 2017  | 11 Sep - 15 Sep 2017  | 21 May - 25 May 2018

Become a great leader. Through leadership frameworks, 360-degree feedback, 1-to-1 coaching, and group coaching with senior leaders, you will learn to influence and lead with impact.

For: Senior executives who need to take their leadership skills to the next level

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 12 Jun - 16 Jun 2017  | 18 Sep - 22 Sep 2017  | 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017  | 26 Feb - 02 Mar 2018

Gain a strategic understanding of emerging and developed markets in Asia. Explore business model innovations used by firms to penetrate emerging markets.

For: Leaders or strategists responsible for driving business growth in Asia

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 25 Sep - 29 Sep 2017

Gain insights into regional production hubs, collaborative and innovative networks, free trade agreements, tax and policy regimes and regulatory frameworks. NEW PROGRAMME

For: Board directors, business leaders and functional heads, fund managers, government officials and policy makers, NGO directors, institutional investors, and academics

Duration: 4 Days

Upcoming Runs: 25 Apr - 28 Apr 2017

Hold on to your best talents. Learn to compete in the global war for talent and balance HR strategy with the overall firm's strategy.

For: Leaders or senior HR professionals responsible for managing performance and retaining talent

Duration: 5 Days

Upcoming Runs: 22 May - 26 May 2017  | 30 Oct - 03 Nov 2017  | 11 Jun - 15 Jun 2018

Master the art of strategic analysis. Learn to tackle strategic initiatives, transform operating models and translate strategy into value.

For: Experienced senior managers responsible for strategic decisions or who are moving into significant leadership positions

Duration: 5 Days

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